We approach animation projects firstly as design projects and we always try to incorporate principles of graphic design to our work.

Our experience working with a great number of start up companies as part of their funding campaigns, enables us to tackle relative projects with the investor in mind and create the scripts accordingly.

Αθήνα Modern

The first part of the Αθηνα Modern series is about the Michailides block of flats, built in 1934 in the historic area of Exarcheia.

/Greece / motion Go

Promotional Video for DSM / Amecos collaboration platform

/Netherlands / motion Go

Promotional Animation for Sioniq as part of their funding campaign.

/Netherlands / motion Go
Up Extreme

Promotional Video for the Up Extreme range of Industrial Grade computing boards

/Netherlands / motion Go

Promotional Video for the UVisio sensor and monitor.

/Netherlands / motion Go
Aqua Pacer

Philips backed start up, the Aquapacer helps you monitor your optimal hydration levels ,and stay healthy and hydrated

/Netherlands / motion Go